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Quick Fix

Our 30-45 minute tour is perfect for riders looking for a quick excursion. Ride through the forest with African Green Monkeys scurrying through the vegetation and out to the viewpoint overlooking the entire East Coast of Barbados from The Sleeping Giant, East Point to Crab Hill. This scenic route is perfect for younger riders, and those visiting Barbados on cruise ships.

Cost USD $65/per. Max 9pp. 

1.5 Hours Beach & Countryside Combo

Enjoy the best of both worlds with this amazing combo. Ride through

the natural rainforest flora,passing heratage sites along the trail.

Ride along the stunning Morgan Lewis Beach and finish your ride in the 

peaceful Shorey Village. Watch the horses run free back to the stables.

Cost:USD100/per. Max 8pp, can accomidate 2 groups of 8pp.

2hr Beach & Country Side Full Tour.

This tour is the complete package!!

It duplicates the shorter 1.5 hours with the excitment of riding the horses

back to the stables. Great oppertunity to do a bit more than a walk for 

the more experienced rider. This is our most booked tour for beginner

and advanced rider alike.

Cost:USD120/per. Cash only. Max 8pp

1Hour Countryside Tour.

This is a beautiful ride through rainforest and rolling hills of

the Scotland District on the east of the island. Stop and enjoy fantastic

views and seasonal fruits picked right of the trees when ever avalible.

This tour is a fan favorite for famillies with younger children.

Cost:USD75/per. Max 9pp.

All tours begin at Cleland Equestrian Club where riders will be matched with their horses. There will be forms to complete, a short orientation, and distribution of safety gear. For reservations kindly WhatsApp 1246-2364908 or 1246-2519953. You can also call 1246-4197433.

Tour Restrictions. 

All participating riders must be over the age of 4 for the 30 min tour and the age of 6 for the longer tours to participate in rides hosted by Cleland Equestrian Club. Additionally, for the safety of our riders and horses, all participating riders should not weigh more than 220lb.  Any existing or past medical conditions that might affect motoring skills and overall  health must be disclosed before the the ride. Kindly walk with any required medication as the nearest emergency clinic is 20 min away.

Riders with disabilities

Cleland Equestrian is wheelchair accessible and can cater to riders with minor disabilities, injuries, or special needs. Please let us know in advance if you, or any member of your riding group have any disabilities that may require  


Group Sizes

Most of our tours facilitate small intimate groups of riders, however, we can also cater to larger groups upon request. Max 9pp for the shorter rides and 8pp for the longer rides. 



All participating riders must wear light clothing, ankle length trousers are recommended. All riders MUST wear enclosed shoes. Sunblock is highly recommended. 



Transportation is not provided by Cleland Equestrian Club. Estimated travel time from the South Coast is 45-60min and from the West Coast 20-30min. Please take this under consideration when making your way up to Cleland Equestrian Club.


Water or fruit juice  are included on each tour. Lunch can be purchased for an additional fee of U.S $20 per person. (Vegetarian, chicken and fish options are available.) and 1 non alcoholic beverage.



Horseback Riding is a live, high-risk sport. However, we do our very best to make your experience as safe and secure as possible by using our well-schooled horses and experienced tour guides. It is imperative that you pay close attention to the instructions explained to you by your tour guides. Cleland Equestrian Club is not liable for any injuries, damages or death howsoever caused to any person or persons participating in any activities offered by Cleland Equestrian Club nor whilst visiting the premises of Cleland Equestrian Club. 



All tours require a cash payment to be made upfront before the ride begins. There will be no refunds after clients have signed their liability form. All liability is at the client.


Cancellation Policy 

There will be a cancellation fee of 50% of the total cost of the booked ride. Clients MUST cancel 24 hours in advance in order for the cancellation policy not to apply. 


Service Charge

There is a minimum service charge of 10% which will be included in your final bill. Tour Guides may be tipped directly.

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