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   Natural Mystic Hiking Tour:

  Discover the beauty of Barbados!!! Our 1.5 hrs Hiking Tour with Picnic provides an unforgettable journey through the stunning rainforest with amazing views of the East Coast. Unwind with an eco-friendly forest bathing session, enjoy the nature around you, and relax with a delicious picnic lunch. Join us to embrace the heritage and beauty of Barbados in a unique and exciting way. Cost:USD 80/per. Cash only

   Short & Sweet Hiking Tour: 

Come and enjoy our 30-45 min hiking tour. This eco-friendly hiking escurtion is great

for famillies and nature enthusiast alike. Learn about the healing herbs and natrual flora,found

in Barbados. enjoy stunning views of the eastcoast whilst hiking through the Scotland District.

Cleland is set in the middle of Barbados National Park Reserve,offering a pristine hiking

experience for all. Cost:USD 50/per. Cash only

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