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Riding Lessons 

We offer Horseriding lessons from beginner to advanced level from the ages of three to adult. Our horses are well-schooled, friendly and have had solid, basic training from the age of 3. They enjoy their lessons as much as their riders as we maintain a very light workload per horse. Every one of our horses are eager to assist students with their training.



Our Horse riding lessons are aimed towards:


  • Young children who are beginning their riding careers from the ages of 3 upwards. 

  • Any age group from beginner through advance

  • Anyone who enjoys horse riding as a pastime


Our riding lessons focus on:


  • Instilling confidence in our riders

  • Teaching rider's how to care for horses properly 

  • Teaching rider’s basic dressage & jumping skills 

  • Allowing the rider to gain the utmost enjoyment from their riding lesson 


Our horse riding lessons take place in our sand arenas with our experienced riding instructors who are both attentive and encouraging.


We offer both private and group lessons. Our Group lessons on week day afternoons and Saturday mornings every week for 30minutes and accommodate max 4 riders (subject to availability). Current cost U.S$50 per person.


Time slots:


3.30PM - 4.00PM

4.00PM - 4.30PM

4.30PM - 5.00P

10.00AM-10.30 AM Saturdays

10.30AM-11.00AM   Saturdays

Our private lessons are 45 minutes and can be scheduled to your convenience. We can also accommodate Private Group Lessons. Current cost U.S $70 per person. Discounts available for locals. WhatsApp 1246-2364908 or please call 1246-4197433

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